Use & Occupancy Permit

Borough Ordinances require property owners to obtain a Use and Occupancy Permit for specific types of property use and ownership changes.  The permit is required when one of the following occur:
  1. Change in ownership of any lot, parcel, building or structure. *(See Check lists).
  2. Change in any tenant of any commercial, or portion thereof.
  3. Change in use or occupancy class of any lot, parcel, building or structure or portion thereof.
  4. Initial use and occupancy of any lot, parcel, building, or structure established, erected, or altered.
The purpose of this permit is to document that the occupancy classification and intended use are permitted by the Zoning Ordinance, the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and Swarthmore’s Use and Occupancy standards. Pl

*Please note: If you are applying for a permit for a change in ownership, please review the below checklists of what our inspector will be looking for prior to your appointment.