When do I need a permit?


Permits are required as follows:


          The Borough's Fence Ordinance can be found here. 

  • Plumbing. All plumbing work, except that work that involves only the replacement of fixtures, working parts of a faucet or valve or the clearance of stoppages.  Download the form here.

GREEN POINTS APPLICATION - Interested in going green and reducing your permit fees?  Building permit fees may be reduced by up to 50% for new building, renovations, or additions that utilize environmentally friendly practices.  Each point is worth 1% of the building permit fee. Points are awarded to those items that exceed current code standards.  Download the "Green Points Worksheet" here. If you have any questions please contact the borough office. 

  Permits and/or licenses are also required for:

  • Operation of a Bed and Breakfast establishment
  • Operation of a day-care center
  • Installation of a sign outside of the Town Center
  • Transient retail business
  • Restaurants
  • Excavations between the curb lines of any street
  • Subdivision and Land Development (application)
Commercial Project?  If so, click here to download a copy of our commercial building permitting process. 

Use and Occupancy Certificates

Call the Borough office (610-543-4599) for more information on any of the above.

How much will it cost?

Fees for permits and licenses are set annually by Borough Council.
 Click here to download a fee schedule for 2018.

Is there a licensing requirement for contractors?

State law requires home improvement contracts to register with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. Contractors doing residential work in the Borough must provide proof of their registration with the Commonwealth and required insurance coverages.  Additionally, all plumbing contractors and any contractor doing commercial work is required to register and pay an annual license fee to the Borough.Click here to download the form.

Do my plans have to go before the Zoning Hearing Board?


All building permit applications are reviewed by the Borough's Zoning Officer. If the proposed project does not meet the requirements of the Borough Zoning Code, the applicant will be referred to the Zoning Hearing Board to apply for a variance or special exception. The most common requests for variances are when a proposed addition exceeds allowable lot coverage or sits too close to the property line. Click here for a printable copy of the Zoning Hearing Board Application and click here for instructions.

  • Applying for a Special Exception: A special exception is a use permitted within a zoning district, but subject to certain specific conditions. To apply for a special exception please click here to download a copy of the Application and instructions 

    A permit is required for: